Building Staff


The Owners and Managing Agent of The Mobil Building have retained the services of Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Inc. (JLL) (the “Sub-Managing Agent”) to provide property management services to the Building.

The Building staff can be broken down into two categories, which are described as follows:

Property Management Office Staff: The Property Management Office located on the Mezzanine level houses the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Property Administrator and two Tenant Service Coordinators.  Refer to the last page for a listing of names.  This staff was selected for their accumulated years of experience in the industry and their competence and training are constantly called upon to keep the Building operating in an efficient and effective manner as unobtrusively as possible.

Building Engineering Staff: The engineering team, all of whom have worked at the Building for several years, assists the Property Management Office staff in the operation and maintenance of the property and its many sophisticated Building systems.  The staff consists of a Chief Engineer, an Assistant Chief Engineer, seven Engineers and a Helper.  Refer to the last page for a listing of names.  The Building engineers are easily recognized by their uniform (white shirts and gray pants).