Security Procedures/Access To Building


The services of an outside contractor provide security to the Building.  Security personnel are attired in a Charcoal gray suit, white shirt and silver tie.  Their function is to safeguard the Building and its occupants.

All Building personnel have been trained and oriented to provide our tenants with courteous, effective handling of their concerns.  Any of these individuals would be happy to answer any questions you may have during the course of your tenancy.

Please be aware of the following security procedures affecting access to the Building and removal of equipment and/or packages from the Building:

Removal of Equipment/Packages

Any persons removing property from the Building must have an authorized Building pass or letter of authorization on tenant letterhead for such item by an authorized representative of the tenant.

Access to Building

All tenants and their employees must have an authorized Building Photo Identification Access Card.  The issuance of new or replacement base building Photo Identification Access cards takes place each Tuesday between the hours of 2pm and 3pm.  As part of this process, an original “Request for Building Photo Identification Access Card” form signed by an authorized representative from your Company must be submitted to the Property Management Office in advance.  In addition, arrangements via may also be setup.

There are two distinct periods of operation of the Building; “Business Hours” (7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday except Building Holidays) and “After Hours” (6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on Saturday, Sunday and all Building Holidays).  The profile of access periods is as follows:

“Business Hours”

Those employees in possession of a Building Photo Identification Access Card may proceed directly to the turnstiles in the main lobby at the appropriate group of passenger elevators.  Please refer to page 16 – “Main Lobby Turnstile Entry / Exit Guidelines” – for further information.

All visitors and guests, Wells Fargo excluded, are requested to proceed to the main lobby desk for assistance.  Each visitor and guest must present photo identification to the main lobby desk personnel.   All Wells Fargo visitors and guests are to proceed directly to Wells Fargo’s security desk in the main lobby for processing.  Prior to the issuance of a visitor access card, approval from the tenant will be obtained by the main lobby desk personnel.  For those visitors and or guests who are denied access by a Tenant, an authorized representative of the Tenant must come to the main lobby and inform the Visitor and or guest who is denied access.  For security reasons, the main lobby desk personnel will not inform an individual of denial nor will they permit the denial to take place over the telephone.

All messengers and deliveries, including food deliveries, are to use the 41st St. loading dock entrance.  All messengers and delivery personnel are required to present photo identification.  At this location, they will be stopped and permitted access into the building in the same manner as visitors and guests.

“After Hours”

All persons entering the building during “After Hours” who are in possession of a valid Building Photo Identification Access Card must first present the card to one of the main lobby desk personnel who will:

  • Check the access card to ensure that the person presenting the card is the same person on the card.
  • Check the name of the card holder against the “Deactivated Access Card” summary” report maintained at the main lobby desk.

 In the event a situation as a result of the above two steps, the main lobby desk personnel will contact one of the authorized tenant representatives for further direction and authorization.

All messengers and deliveries will be announced and approved prior to being granted access.

Access Denial

For those times that a tenant does not wish to receive a guest, visitor or former employee, it is the responsibility of the tenant to meet with the individual in the main lobby.

Main Lobby Turnstile Entry / Exit Guidelines:

Each main lobby turnstile is two-way unit, meaning people can enter or exit through the unit though this should not happen at the same time.

Entering a turnstile as you are proceeding towards an elevator or escalator:

  1. Stand directly in front of the pedestal with the various guidance signs.
  2. Ensure the yellow rectangular LED on the upper most reader located to the left of the “Base Building” sign is illuminated.
  3. Holders of the “150 East 42nd Street” access card, hold the access card near or against the rectangular LED.
  4. All personnel using a temporary non-photo pass are to hold their pass about three to four inches away from the lens located to the left of the “All Visitors” sign.  This distance will permit the barcode on the pass to be read.
  5. A valid access card or temporary pass will result with a green arrow instead of the yellow LED and the barrier will open.  Proceed to enter the turnstile.  Note: The barrier will remain open for approximately three seconds.

A few don’ts:

  1.  Don’t wave your access card or temporary pass in a “scanning motion” at any reader.
  2.  Don’t place your access card or temporary pass near a reader lens until you first have a yellow LED.
  3. Don’t tailgate the person in front of you.
  4. Don’t attempt to hold the barrier open for the person behind you.

When exiting:

Wait until you see the green arrow on the top LED display located on the exit side of the pedestal located to the right of the lane you wish to exit through.

Concerns or questions?

Stop by the main lobby desk and one of our staff will assist you.

In addition, register a service request via or call the Property Management Office.


Bulk Deliveries

Bulk deliveries are defined as those deliveries requiring more than one trip in the service elevator and/or the use of hand trucks and/or dollies.  The opening of an elevator hatch to accommodate any delivery/removal, even for one trip, is defined as a bulk delivery.  All bulk deliveries are to take place before 8:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding Building Holidays) or at any time on Saturdays and/or Sundays.  The Tenant requesting this additional service shall be charged accordingly.

All bulk deliveries are to be scheduled in advance with the Property Management Office via


All contractors who have been hired to work in the Building must schedule all work with the Property Management Office via the tenant for whom the work is being performed.  Prior to beginning work, a current and valid certificate of insurance, including but not limited to the inclusion of all additional insured information and the endorsement form must be on file with the Property Management Office.  A detailed work schedule and a list of all workers (i.e. contractors and sub-contractors) must be submitted in advance to the Property Management Office.  Once granted permission to work in the Building, the contractor may only gain access through the 41st Street loading dock entrance.  Contractors will be required to sign in and out every day.  All contractors will be given a daily work badge when signing in which must be surrendered upon exiting the Building.  The badge must be visible at all times.  At no time are contractors permitted to enter or exit through the main lobby.  All contractors and vendors may only use the service elevators.

Messengers and Deliveries

During after hours, all messengers and food deliveries are to be directed to the main lobby where the lobby staff will call the appropriate tenant for authorization to allow access.  If no one is present in the tenant’s office to give verbal authorization, the individual will not be permitted access.  Under no circumstances will any package(s) be held in the lobby.