The Building has established a compliant recycling system, which requires separating white office paper, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone books and corrugated cardboard from other trash.

This program is a cooperative effort between tenants, cleaning contractor and Property Management.  Tenants are required to provide and maintain a wet trash container at one of several locations in each office for coffee cups and other non-paper waste.  The balance of office waste shall be disposed of in regular desk side trash containers as provided by the tenant.  The containers are then collected nightly by cleaning personnel for disposal.

The Building’s carting company will assist Property Management in implementing and maintaining the recycling program.  The carting company’s representatives are available to meet with you from time to time to answer any questions tenants may have with regard to recycling, as well as to provide orientation/assistance to new tenants in establishing a recycling program.

Because the legal, practical and ethical considerations relating to recycling can change over time, the Building reserves the right to change or modify the recycling program at any time.